Regenerate thumbnails without constraints


You can regenerate thumbnails if the Prestashop method does not work.

Using AJAX, this module does not overload the server asking it to re calculate all the images at the same time but one by one.

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12/15/2016: Version 2.6


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Compatible Prestashop 1.3Yes
Compatible Prestashop 1.4Yes
Compatible Prestashop 1.5Yes
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Compatible Prestashop 1.7Yes
Prestashop Cloud CompatibleYes
Multi Shop compatible:Yes
Responsive DesignYes

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When you install a new theme or modify an existing one or simply when you are not satisfied with the size of the thumbnail images of your shop, you must regenerate them.

The traditional method of Prestashop will regenerate all images at once. If it can work on a dedicated server, when you have more than a hundred images that is no longer possible. We must try several times, the images are no longer available on the store, processing time is long. In short it is not manageable.

This module corrects this problem.
Using AJAX, it does not overload the server asking to calculate all the images simultaneously. He treats one by one, erasing the old miniature just before regenerate so that images are always available on your shop.


You can choose what type of picture to regenerate (Product, Category, Store) or all at once. For each image type you can select the size of image to be processed or, again, all at the same time.

During processing, a progress chart shows you what has been done, what remains to be addressed and in case of error on an image an explanatory message.

If the module fails to generate an image, due to missing file for example, it moves to the next and an error summary appears at the bottom of the table for advancement.

Documentation and Support

Documentation of this module is integrated into the configuration page. You can access it (and participate, it's a wiki) without leaving your administration panel.

A ticketing system is integrated into the module allows you to ask questions to the developer and read answers without leaving your administration panel.

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