Ultimate PrestaShop with MailChimp synchronization


Increase your sales by taking advantage of all the eCommerce services of the MailChimp solution.

This module will allow you a global synchronization of your PrestaShop directly on MailChimp and allow you to use all Automations, abandoned baskets reminders, product recommendations for your customers.

The update is done in real time and transparently for your customers.

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10/16/2017: Version 2.1.7


This modules is compatible with all thirty bees 1.0.x version This modules is compatible with all PrestaShop 1.5.x version This modules is compatible with all PrestaShop 1.6.x version This modules is compatible with all PrestaShop 1.7.x version

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Core modifications:No
Third party subscription:Yes
Translation :fr-en-es-de-it
Compatible Prestashop 1.5Yes
Compatible Prestashop 1.6Yes
Compatible Prestashop 1.7Yes
Compatible thirty bees 1.0Yes
Multi Shop compatible:Yes
Responsive DesignYes
Service Urlhttp://eepurl.com/plfe1

More info

Once you have installed and configured the module, all actions performed on your PrestaShop store will be transmitted in real time to MailChimp.


  • Fill in the MailChimp API key
  • Link each language to a list on MailChimp
  • Export all PrestaShop clients to MailChimp
  • Linking your store to a MailChimp Store
  • Export all your catalog in this store MailChimp
  • Export all existing commands in this MailChimp store


  • Prevent the export of customers created by your partner marketplaces by populating the fictitious email domains used by these marketplaces
  • Set up a pop-up registration window to your MailChimp list
  • Replace the PrestaShop default newsletter block module by recording live on your MailChimp list

Your Benefit

By implementing this module, you will be able to take advantage of all the new features developed by MailChimp for the eCommerce sites.

  • Reminder of abandoned baskets, with a system of programming several emails (workflow) in order to generate more orders
  • Specific re-launch of the best clients with segmentation on several criteria
  • Relaunch of customers who have not ordered for a long time
  • ...

You can take care of your customers by targeting your recipients.

Profit for your clients

Your customers will be able to receive emails of qualities corresponding exactly to their needs. Your relationship will be improved and you can quickly increase your sales by bringing your customers back.


  • Curl must be active on your hosting


Version 2.0.0 (01/25/2017)

  • Complete code redesign
  • Integration of the MailChimp V3 API
  • Full integration of the eCommerce elements required by MailChimp

Version 2.0.2 (03/03/2017)

  • Code correction for block newsletter
  • Multi store code optimization

Version 2.0.3 (03/09/2017)

  • Adding a limitation of the number of past orders to export to MailChimp.
  • Allow to choose export prices of products with or without tax to MailChimp

Version 2.0.4 (03/15/2017)

  • Code correction for Carts synchronization

Version 2.0.5 (03/15/2017)

  • Code correction for Carts synchronization
  • Added carts information about clients

Version 2.0.6 (04/11/2017)

  • SSL Control
  • Improved code

Version 2.0.7 (04/14/2017)

  • Addition of the category of products for the segmentation of your lists

Version 2.0.8 (05/03/2017)

  • Add documentation tab

Version 2.0.9 (05/09/2017)

  • Correction of the block newsletter (ps_emailsubscription) for PrestaShop 1.7 integration

Version 2.1.0 (06/09/2017)

  • Add languages DE-IT-ES
  • Maintenance mode check
  • Add exclusion by client group
  • Addition of the management of the Order Notifications proposed by MailChimp
  • Possible customization of the Vendor Purchased (category, manufacturer or supplier)

Version 2.1.1 (06/13/2017)

  • Code correction

Version 2.1.2 (06/15/2017)

  • First sync correction for multi store option.

Version 2.1.3 (06/22/2017)

  • Code optimization during order validation
  • Bypassing the MailChimp ban from resubscribing a client to a list.

Version 2.1.4 (06/23/2017)

  • Fixed code for compatibility with PHP 5.4 below.
  • Added option to not synchronize baskets if not using the MailChimp automations on the revival of abandoned shopping carts.

Version 2.1.5 (07/19/2017)

  • Time optimization for first sync.

Version 2.1.6 (09/21/2017)

  • View the complete MailChimps list.

Version 2.1.7 (10/16/2017)

  • Fixed a bug on the exclusion of groups of customers.

Customers Reviews

<p>of course.</p><hr/><p>So, if a customer buy today a product and in 6 months the same customer with the same email buy another product, on Mailchimp i'll see this two purchases of this customer?</p><p>Wait your help.</p><p>Best regards.</p><p>Natalia</p><hr/><p>Hi,</p><p>this module can export all customers orders.</p><hr/><p>Hello.</p><p>With this module, i can import all the orders of a customer or just the last order?It's important for me this question.</p><p>Best regards,</p><p>Natalia</p><hr/><p>Hi,</p><p>1/ yes<br>2/ yes in Prestashop all custiomers buying a product go to a specific group and you have this information sync with MailChimp and you can create a segmentation in MailChimp<br>3/ yes see automations in MailChimp<br>4/yes see it in MailChimp<br>5/ yes, see it in MailChimp<br>6/ Of course in MailChimp<br>7/ I think it's better to connect you in MailChimp because i don't understand to dev another module to do less than MialChimp.</p><hr/><p>Hi there,</p><p>We want to automate our newsletters. Can you tell me the module is suited for:</p><p>1. When a user subscribes to the newsletter box, it comes directly into a Mailchimp list.<br>2. When a user purchase a product, can we add this user to a specific list called customers or something instead of regular subscribe list?<br>3. Can we sent automatic emails to customers who abandoned their cart?<br>4. Can we sent automatic emails after first order or after lets say 10 days after purchase?<br>5. Can we sent automatic emails to customers have have not ordered in over xx days..?<br>6. Can we see statistics about opening newsletter etc?<br>7. Can we make newsletters straight from Prestashop or do we need to login to Mailchimp for all this?</p><p>Hope to hear from you soon!</p><p>Kind regards,<br>Timo</p><hr/>