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Core modifications:No
Third party subscription:No
Translation :fr-en-es-de-it
Compatible Prestashop 1.2Yes
Compatible Prestashop 1.3Yes
Compatible Prestashop 1.4Yes
Compatible Prestashop 1.5Yes
Compatible Prestashop 1.6Yes
Prestashop Cloud CompatibleYes
Multi Shop compatible:Yes
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Customers Reviews

<p>Bonour,</p><p>Bravo et merci pour ce module :)</p><p>J'ai essayé de rajouter un champ "telephone" au formulaire sans succès. Est-ce compliqué? Sinon est-il plus simple de modifier le champ Email par "Email ou Tel" et de désactiver la validation?</p><p>D'avance merci!</p><hr/><p>i am having same issue - is there any fix?</p><hr/><p>Hi,<br>sorry but i 've no time to search why this free module is in error on 2 version of Prestashop ( and<br>Of course if any developper take a solution i put it directly here.</p><hr/><p>Hi there!<br>Ive added this module to my website ( and it disables image zoomin in product view. Image miniatures open on new page too. how can i fix that please?<br>Thanks</p><hr/>