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Administration of Prestashop is increasingly invaded by advertisements. By the "must have" or "recommended" modules,
the last PrestaShop Addons themes or "tips" redirecting the purchasing platform.

If this annoys you or you just want to speed up the display of your administration panel, we are pleased to offer this module.


Exclusively for Prestatoolbox


Prestashop 1.5 Prestashop 1.6

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Third party subscription:No
Translation :fr-en
Compatible Prestashop 1.5Yes
Compatible Prestashop 1.6Yes
Multi Shop compatible:Yes
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This module removes advertisements from your administration panel but that's not enough. Did you know that Prestashop S.A. tracks your every move on this administration panel to learn as much about your habits and activities as possible?

  • On Prestashop 1.6, your e-mail, current tab and administration panel URL are sent to Prestashop on every administration page. On some tabs up to 6 calls to Prestashop's servers are made.
  • On Prestashop 1.5, your country, language and administration panel URL are sent to Prestashop S.A. every time you display the dashboard and at least once a week your e-mail and shop domain are sent. On some tabs up to 4 calls to Prestashop's servers are made. That doesn't mean that Prestashop S.A. collects or uses those information but it can and you should be able to chose what information you send and when.

If security and privacy are important for you, you should have a look to the module Admin privacy.

This module helps you to defend your privacy by blocking visible and hidden calls to Prestashop's servers.

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