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    • 79,99 €

      This module comes in replacement of the change of language of Prestashop module (blocklanguages), it allows you to associate a language with your Prestashop store multi domain. 1 language = 1 domain

      79,99 €
      Online only
    • 49,99 €

      Improve and secure the management of your PrestaShop configuration in Multi Store mode by customizing the color of the TopBar of the backoffice by store and avoid configuring the elements of the wrong store.

      49,99 €
    • 49,99 €

      This module allows you to force a currency for each country. When a customer creates his account the correct currency is automatically used.This is particularly useful with the module "Price depending on the currency" to avoid that customers enjoy the benefits applied to other countries.

      49,99 €
    • 49,99 €

      This module allows you to set a default currency for each store WITHOUT having to redefine your selling price as this is the default for PrestaShop.

      49,99 €
    • 100,00 €

      This module lets you set a price per group for each of your products. For example, you can sell a product 15 €, but only 10 € for resellers or your loved ones.

      100,00 €
    Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items