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    • 49,99 €

      This PrestaShop module will allow you to change ALT tags for images of your products as well as the META TITLE and META DESCRIPTION tags. These elements are essential to improve your SEO, you will finally have their hands on these items to meet all instructions for your SEO.

      49,99 €
    • 59,90 €

      This module allows you to define the Titles ( 'meta' title) for your products and category pages automatically. It allows you to refer easily to search engines like Google, Yahoo …

      59,90 €
    • 49,99 €

      Each time someone selects and copies a text on your site, the module automatically adds a link to your site. Feel free to test it on our demo site by copying it and trying to paste it into an email, in your word processor or in your PrestaShop shop.

      49,99 €
    Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items