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The purpose of this module is to create discount vouchers when a customer adds a comment on a product.

You can create several conditions to create various vouchers according to the comment, to the customer or to the product.

Vouchers can be sent to the customers by email.

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Compatible Prestashop 1.6Yes
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This modules is compatible with all PrestaShop 1.5.x version This modules is compatible with all PrestaShop 1.6.x version

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Several studies (by Chadwick Martin Bailey and Johnson and Johnson) show that more than 60 % of the customers bases their purchases on the notices and the comments of the other customers.

It is thus essential to have comments on your products to incite the visitors to order with you.

This module motivates the users to comment and to discuss your products by creating them a discount voucher when one of their comments is validated.

To participate in the life of your shop develops loyalty of the customer.

Furthermore by receiving discount vouchers it will place again order with you, can comment on new products and so on.

The creation of discount vouchers can make following numerous parameters.

  • The number of comments already validated for this customer:
    You can decide to create vouchers only from a number of comments. It is also possible to create different vouchers following the number of comment.
  • The size of the comment:
    You can define the size minimal of a comment giving the right to a discount voucher
  • The number of order of the customer:
    You can define minimal number of order to be entitled to a discount voucher
  • The commented product:
    It is possible to exclude products of the system of reward
  • The customer:
    It is possible to exclude customers of the system of reward
  • The group to which the customer belongs:
    It is possible to exclude groups of customers of the system of reward

Other options:

  • Send the discount voucher by email:
    By default the code of the discount voucher is sent by email but it is possible to deactivate this option if you arrange other ways of announcement. Emails are customizable, you can send it various according to the created voucher.
  • Send of the advertising:
    The module allows to send a message inciting to leave comments a few days after the passage of a order


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Voucher on comment