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Improve customer satisfaction, increase sales and manage your shop efficiently, thanks to this module permitting to send text messages to customers and to the administrator of a PrestaShop store.

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This modules is compatible with all PrestaShop 1.5.x version

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This module allows you to send text messages (SMS) to targeted cell-phones during various events, to the customer and/or administrator of a prestashop store.

Its goal is not to replace the different messages sent by the system, but to supplement the system to provide the administrator with immediate access to information, whether at his computer or not; to increase sales potential through powerful messages that reach their target in 100% of cases (as opposed to emails that can very easily end up as SPAM); and to provide quality services that give customers the feeling of being pampered, making them want to come back.

Personally, when I place an online order and I receive a text message telling me it's been shipped, I find it GREAT!

To use this module, you first create an account on the website permitting to send the text messages: , then fund your account with the amount you want.
The cost to send a text message depends on the recipient's country, but our rates are among the lowest of the market (See price list).

Here are the module's features:

  • All UTF-8 characters are supported (e.g. : chinese, arabic, greek...)
  • Check you account with the text-messaging remote platform,
  • Send text messages in France and abroad
  • Send text messages to the administrator during these events: account creation, new online order, low products stocks, receipt of a message using the ‘contact form', merchandize return's request received from a customer
  • Send text messages to the customer during these events: new online order (order confirmation), account creation (welcome message), change in order status (you can send as many different text messages as there are statuses), tracking number updated, message sent using the 'contact form', lost password
  • Activation / deactivation of all these events independently of each other
  • Customization of all text messages sent, and possible use of variable fields. For example, for the creation of a new account: "{firstname} {lastname}, welcome to {shopname}.  Don't forget our coupon code ABC123 valid until 08/12/2011. See you soon! {Shopurl}".
  • Automatic conversion of clients' account numbers to the international format, depending on their country
  • Log of all text messages sent (date, content, recipient, event, delivery status: OK or KO, etc. ....)
  • Simulation Mode, to test messages without actually sending them.
  • Statistics page about your usage of the text messaging service (total messages sent,  delivery status %, orders % where the customer agrees to the option ...)
  • Send free text messages to the recipient of your choice, to say hello to your sweetheart, for example, or to send a client an urgent question / urgent answer
  • Customize the sender's name (11 characters max, which appear in place of the phone number)
  • Alert if your account is running low on funds
  • Daily Report about the shop's activity
  • Send a message to a customer to inform him of the availability of an out of stock product. This option requires prior installation and activation of the "mailalerts" module.


  • Ability to offer the text messaging option to customers (to know about changes of order status) while finalizing their order (right after choosing the shipping option). This option allows the seller to set the price for this service freely and increase their margin!

New functionality to come with Version 2

  • Send bulk text messages, similar to a newsletter, with option to selectively filter customers. It is then easy to imagine running your advertisement campaign, announcing sales or the release of a new product, or distributing coupon codes this way... Because text messages are always read!

Installing this module could not be simpler: 1 click, and presto, there's a new tab in your BO (a real one, not a sub-menu!).

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<p>can i find this module on my prestashop al ready installed by softacolous by a hosting site's c pannel</p><hr/>