Automatic Ads on Google Adwords


This module allows you to easily put on the first page of Google ads for your products or your site. To be top of the list on Google, ads are paying and you set a budget to give it.

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Compatible Prestashop 1.5Yes
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This modules is compatible with all PrestaShop 1.4.x version This modules is compatible with all PrestaShop 1.5.x version

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How it goes?

  1. Install this module.
  2. Configure budgets by product category. Predefined ads have already been created, but you can modify them.
  3. Configure this module and specify your objectives and your billing settings.

Our Agency (Net/2) receives your information and our system creates your ads on Google Adwords (service that manages the paid advertisements from Google). We manage your ads, their auction and create the appropriate key words. We also optimize your ads so that you get a maximum of clicks. You have access to the Adwords account and can control this work.

You can change your ads or create others on Prestashop. These changes will be automatically passed on to Adwords.

What cost?

To serve ads, you set yourself even what you pay. You pay Google compared to the budget that you have set and Net/2 managing your account (10% of the Adwords budget). Indeed, on Adwords it is not possible to dispense with human management because it is necessary to have expertise in auction management and enough technical management of the platform. All budgets are accepted.

After having spent on Adwords € 25, € 75 you are offered.

You can control your return on investment through the trackers (on sales or visits) offered by Adwords.

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