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As a webmaster, one of your biggest fear is to discover one day that your website has been hacked.

The risk to lose your data, your Google position and/or your customers is high if a hacker take the control of your website.

To attempt to counteract this, we propose to you to install the script CrawlProtect.

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Sur you are carefull, you update regularly the scripts your are using and use sophisticated passwords. The PC you are using to upload your files is equipped with an uptodate antivirus, you never doing ftp transfer from a public PC. As a summary you are applying all the common sense rules to avoid hacking.

CrawlProtect do more, by blocking all connection which have been identified as:

  • code injection attempts
  • SQL injection attempts
  • visits coming from crawler known as "Badbots" (crawlers used by hackers)
  • website copier
  • shell command execution attempts


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