CSV export for your catalog


This module allows you to export your catalog in CSV format. It supports multiple export and planification by cron job. More than 150 fields in your catalog are exportables.

You will have a versatile tool for exporting your catalog.

Manually or automatically you can generate an exploitable file whatever the size of your catalog.

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Compatible Prestashop 1.3Yes
Compatible Prestashop 1.4Yes
Compatible Prestashop 1.5Yes
Compatible Prestashop 1.6Yes
Compatible Prestashop 1.7Yes
Compatible thirtybees 1.0Yes
Multi Shop compatible:Yes
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This modules is compatible with all PrestaShop 1.2.x version This modules is compatible with all PrestaShop 1.3.x version This modules is compatible with all PrestaShop 1.4.x version This modules is compatible with all PrestaShop 1.5.x version This modules is compatible with all PrestaShop 1.6.x version This modules is compatible with all PrestaShop 1.7.x version

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This modules is compatible with all thirtybees 1.0.x version

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CSV export is almost an indispensable tool for the management of your shop. It allows you for example to check your inventory in Excel or any other spreadsheet. But not only.

For example you can use the CSV export for :

  • Keeping track of your stocks. You can receive your stock regulary by email for archive or to validate your actual stock .
  • Price comparator. Most of them support CSV files to update the pricing and availability of your products.
  • Marketplaces. In the same way that the price comparisons, you can provide the URL of your catalog in CSV format they will pick regularly to update your data.
  • Drop-shipping. Give your dealer a URL so they can update their catalog. The downloadable file is updated automatically. You can also create multiple files for each group of retailers for example, or for each country.
  • Export your catalog to a stock management software, a store management software or another shop engine. Almost all of them can manage files in CSV format.
  • Export your catalog to another shop (Prestashop, Magento, Thelia , Opencart...). Almost all shop engines have an import product to CSV tool.


This module allows you to export manually or automatically ( fixed days and hours ) all or part of your catalog.

You can define as many export models as you want.

Each model allows you to define:

  • The information to be exported among many possibilities. There is no limit on the number of columns to be generated.
  • The CSV file format (encoding, separator)
  • The products to be exported. It is possible to export or not, attributes, out of stock products and inactive ones, and filter by categories, manufacturers and/or suppliers.
  • The language and currency
  • The client group, which can affect the price and the exportable categories
  • The country of delivery, which influences shipping
  • The shop for the supporting versions of PrestaShop

A model allows you to generate a CSV file. This one can be generated manually to download it directly to your computer, or automatically to be sent by email or saved on your server.

In the latter case, the CSV file can be downloaded via an URL that you can provide to a price comparator, a marketplace or a reseller for example. The file will be automatically updated.

You can define as many scheduled export model as you want. For each you choose the days of the week and time of export.

Documentation and Support

Documentation of this module is integrated into its configuration page. You can access ( and participate , it's a wiki) without leaving your administration panel.

A ticketing system is integrated in the module and allows you to put your questions to the developer and read the answers without leaving your administration panel. This support is provided for free for registered modules. Registration is free and can be made from the admin panel of Prestashop .


<p>Hi,<br>If you test the proposed demonstration of this module, you will find that you can export all categories.<br>If you let you discover this on the demonstration.</p><hr/><p>How can i export the entire category tree with your CSV catalog export module. Can only get it to export the last category</p><hr/><p>Bien noté je le fais de ce pas, merci</p><hr/><p>Oui, vous avez pris le temps de contacter le développeur de ce module mais nous pouvons aussi vous aider si vous le désirez. Donc merci de nous contacter par notre formulaire de contact présent sur la boutique. Ou directement à partir de votre commande.</p><hr/><p>Bonjour, merci de votre retour,. J'ai déjà adressé 2 mails à l'adresse support indiquée : [email protected]<br>L'@ est-elle correcte ? cdt Anthony</p><hr/><p>Bonjour,<br>Pour des demandes de support il est préférable de passer par notre formulaire de contact car je en pourrais rien faire pour vous en répondant juste à un commentaire. Donc merci de nous contacter par ce biais.</p><hr/><p>Bonsoir, pour ma part je rencontre des bugs que j'ai remonté via l'@ support. Pourriez-vous svp revenir vers moi ASAP ?<br>Merci<br>cdt<br>Anthony</p><hr/>

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CSV export for your catalog