Any order having no valid mailing address for the invoicing will be considered as fraudulent and will just be simply cancelled.

For any remark or particular specification, do not hesitate to put a comment during your order to inform our departments.

Downloadable product

Within the framework of our politics of fight against hacking and the imitation, we made the decision to allow the direct download of the downloadable products only the customers having already validated an order on Prestatoolbox (a maximum deadline of validation of 20 minutes will be everything time applied).

For the effectuants customers their first order, one copy of the ID card can be transmitted by email to accelerate the validation of the order.


A member of the company Mediacom87 / Prestatoolbox will contact you as fast as possible to suit with you of the implementation of the service.

Returns and Exchanges

There are no plans to return or exchange on products and services on the site