Integrate LiveChat in your LiveStats

GoSquared gives the way to understand what your visitors on your site and, from time to time, it might be useful to accompany them on a visit to your site by talking directly with them to motivate them in their deed of purchase.

GoSquared + Olark

Start chatting with your customers

GoSquared having taken the plan subscription more users link their account with one of the best live chat systems: Olark.

By coupling GoSquared and Olark, you no longer have to wait until your customers take contact with you as they did with add-on GoSquared on one side and the module Olark on the other, now you can get yourself in touch as you could do with Zopim.

Gather a true complementarity of live performing statistical analysis and a friendly live chat.

By providing a natural customer thoughtfulness, you can significantly increase the average basket of your shop.

GoSquared + Olark

GoSquared + Olark, Winner couple

Do not miss this analytical revolution that allows you to interact directly with your visitors into regular customers of your business expertise.

Give a soul to your site with a staff to listen to the needs of your customers that will help in the development of your products and services.

Appointment with Olark to enjoy a period of trying to free 14 day and learn how to configure your system to convert your visitors into customers.

GoSquared offers a period to try 30 days without constraints and then enjoy and verify the relevance to couple these two services on your PrestaShop store to significantly increase your turnover.

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