Prestatoolbox, a Prestashop market placeDeveloper or designer, selling on Prestatoolbox

Whether you're a freelance developer, web agency or web designer, Prestatoolbox offers a marketplace to sell your templates or modules dedicated to Prestashop eCommerce Solution.


Unlike the official platform Addons, Prestatoolbox sets up the product on your advice but taking care of the formatting of the data sheet in order to maintain consistency on the site.


To offer your products, you simply have a customer account on Prestatoolbox then contact us so we can give you access rights to our reseller solution.

We do not accept new sellers to guarantee the quality of the products offered on the platform.

Suggest a Product

The procedure to offer a module or template in our shop is pretty simple, when your account is validated as an affiliate, you can offer your products by simply clicking on the button for that fact and then fill out the form stating the compatibility of modules / template with any version of PrestaShop, the price you want HT sell your module / template, and a ZIP file containing:

  • Archive Module / template
  • Photos to put on the site
  • Image, Logo to showcase the product if you have, otherwise we will deal
  • Descriptive text in French and English

Validation of new products

We validate the products offered by the number of products expected to avoid overloading the weekly newsletter that highlights all the modules and template newly arrived at the shop during the last seven days.

Distribution of products

The newsletter

Prestatoolbox has automated this phase with an external mailing newsletter in order to ensure deliverability (Mailchimp).

The newsletter is broadcast weekly on Tuesday mornings and contains all the products added to the shop during the last seven days, without distinction, and all modules or templates developed by the team Prestatoolbox or its partners have the same visibility and the same treatment.

On the site

The products have sold the same treatment as products Prestatoolbox and there is nothing to differentiate it is highlighted on the homepage in the next slide to new products, they appear on the homepage alternating with all products in the catalog.

If you feel that a better category would be useful to categorize your products, you can let us know, and we will study the pertinence of the request.

Collection and remittance


You can not make a withdrawal request that when your sales volume minus the commission has reached €100

Validation delay payments

Prestatoolbox retains a repayment period of 45 days of commissions. This delay is just to secure the amounts that changed after a refund or default customers.


Prestatoolbox reserves the right to offer prices on products promotions partners in partnership with web agencies or at the request of an affiliate.

Automatically, each affiliate to receive 10% of the entire site (modules and template)

The repayment will of course be calculated from the discounted sales.


When you have more than €100 commission to charge us, simply email us an invoice indicating the amount of money paid back, on which you add the VAT if you are concerned.

Within 15 days from receipt of the invoice you'll receive a bank transfer which you provide us details on each invoice.

Billing must be done Mediacom87 - 20 rue des Saulniers 17230 VILLEDOUX - VAT Reg FR77503805541


Prestatoolbox offers a commission of 70% of net amount, excluding shipping, for the creator and 30% for Prestatoolbox.