CrawlProtect documentation

CrawlProtect Installation can handle the installation and configuration of CrawlProtect on your PrestaShop online store.

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How to use CrawlProtect

CrawlProtect is running alone, you don't need to do anything after installation. If you want to know howmany hacking attempts have been blocked by your CrawlProtect, visit your CrawlProtect url: which is protected by a password.

Authentification CrawlProtect


You will see how many hacking attempts have been blocked by CrawlProtect.

Accueil CrawlProtect


You will be able to check any files or folders modification and you will also be able to choose in a few clics the best chmod for your folders and files.

Surveillance fichiers et répertoires


On the administration page you can change your CrawlProtect parameters.

Configuration de CrawlProtect


In a few click you can built your own htaccess file.

Génération du htaccess