MailChimp makes automation to free accounts accessible

MailChimp has been known for years as the best emailing platform on the market. This international recognition comes mainly from their newsletter design tool which is very simple to take in hand and accessible to the greatest number without any technical knowledge or design.

MailChimp automations are now free

But for some time now MailChimp has been offering automation scenarios that allow e-commerce customers to communicate directly to their prospects and customers by facilitating the integration of ecommerce data or communicating on actions related specifically to the ecommerce world.

Now, MailChimp has made the decision to make these automations accessible to free accounts. This will allow merchants to integrate a true relationship with their customers by offering them quality personalized emails.

In order to benefit from the ecommerce automations of MailChimp it is of course necessary that your PrestaShop store transmits all the ecommerce data necessary to MailChimp, such as abandoned baskets, orders, list of customers and their choice of communication in terms of newsletter or sharing with third.

Free for all

What are the automations offered by MailChimp

We are interested in the automations that MailChimp offers in the field of ecommerce, because this is the core business of PrestaShop.

Abandoned baskets

We know that the majority of baskets generated on an ecommerce store are not turned into a sale. So it seems interesting to remind these customers that they have products in their shopping cart directly by email. MailChimp then offers tools to help you in this process by offering you coherent and customizable templates, as well as scenarios sending 3 messages at intervals that you define. This method allows you, for example, to add a generic coupon in the third message if the customer has not yet turned his basket into a firm order.

Follow up on purchases

Ask for feedback, send a quick survey or provide customers with useful information, such as use or maintenance instructions, after purchase. This type of message is important for the customer relationship because it allows 2 things. Take your client into consideration by reminding him / her that you remember him / her and by following his / her advice or by providing him / her with additional information and reminding him or her to try to induce a new purchase, Products that might be of interest to him or her using the customized product recommendation.

Personalize product recommendations

Suggest items that your customers will love with product recommendations tailored to their purchase history. This recommendation can be made on all the messages sent to your customers, so do not hesitate to include it in your newsletters, the recall of abandoned baskets, or any message to your customers.