Secure your store with a simple, high-performance Captcha

Install an anti-spam security module on your PrestaShop store

Setting up a CAPTCHA validation system is crucial to protecting your website from spam and automated attacks. To reinforce the security of your online store, a PrestaShop module dedicated to Mathematical Captcha can be a simple but effective solution.

The concept behind Math Captcha is quite simple: it presents users with a basic mathematical question (involving addition, subtraction or multiplication) that they must solve before submitting a form. This type of CAPTCHA is generally more user-friendly and comprehensible than traditional CAPTCHAs, which rely on image or distorted character recognition.

By incorporating the Mathematical Captcha module into your website, you can guarantee a seamless user experience while strengthening protection against malicious activity.

To implement this system in your PrestaShop store, you need to install a specific module. Here are some key steps to set up a PrestaShop module for a simple and effective Math Captcha:

  1. Search for a suitable module on the official PrestaShop modules marketplace or via a reliable third party source.
  2. Make sure the module is compatible with the current version of your PrestaShop store.
  3. Install the module from the administrator interface, following the instructions provided by the developer.
  4. Configure the module according to your preferences (for example, choose which mathematical operations to use).
  5. Enable it in forms where you want to add spam protection (for example: registration form, contact form).

By implementing this type of CAPTCHA, you'll benefit from enhanced protection against spam and malicious robots, ensuring a pleasant user experience for your valued customers. It's imperative that you constantly monitor the effectiveness of this module, and update it quickly if necessary, to ensure maximum security for your website.