Editorial optimization: 1, 3, 5, 10 or 20 pages

Search engines determine a site's ability to appear on a set of keywords, based on the visible text on the site.

Dynamic editorial content enables the site to increase its chances of reactivity not only on the basis of the list of validated keywords, but also on all nearby expressions based on this list.

In fact, we have found that, on average, a page that is not optimized - Meta tags and editorial content - reveals a potential reactivity on 1 or 2 keywords, whereas after full optimization, this average can reach more than five keywords.

On the basis of the keyword study, we determine the most relevant pages to boost. We then provide you with a summary document defining the editorial changes to be made, page by page.

Your benefits :

  • Increased positioning capacity on priority keywords,
  • Multiplication of the number of reactive keywords for the same page,
  • Extended visibility on expressions close to priority keywords,
  • Overall increase in visibility in search engines,
  • Increased qualified traffic.

Important: In compliance with the indexing charters of search engines, we will not provide any editorial recommendations aimed at misleading Internet users or search engine robots, which could lead to temporary or permanent exclusion from the site.