Dynamic contact form on product page


Finally, give your prospects and customers the opportunity to contact you directly without leaving the product page, thanks to this module which will add a customizable button on the product page where you want to open a customizable contact form in a modal window.

You will receive all the information you need to help and support your customers in their purchase with the exact url of the product, including versions.

Data sheet

Core modifications:No
Third party subscription:No
Translation :fr-en-de-es-it-nl-pl
Compatible Prestashop 1.6Yes
Compatible Prestashop 1.7Yes
Compatible thirtybees 1.0Yes
Compatible thirtybees 1.1Yes
Compatible thirtybees 1.2Yes
Multi Shop compatible:Yes
Responsive DesignYes
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Forum Thirty Beeshttps://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/4035-module-dynamic-contact-form-on-product-page/

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04/28/2021: Version 3.1.1


This modules is compatible with all PrestaShop 1.6.x version This modules is compatible with all PrestaShop 1.7.x version

thirtybees Compatibility

This modules is compatible with all thirtybees 1.0.x version This modules is compatible with all thirtybees 1.1.x version This modules is compatible with all thirtybees 1.2.x version

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Features and functions

  • Choice of recipient email addresses (one or more)
  • Definition of the product image format to be used to enhance the contact form of the modal window
  • A copy of the message can be sent to the customer
  • Creation of a possible discussion thread in the PrestaShop after-sales service with the desired support service
  • Implementation of display restriction for the form opening button
    • Only free products
    • Only products not available for sale
    • Only products with hidden prices
    • Only products available online
  • Several ink points available with a custom ink point that allows you to display the open button of the contact form in the place you want on your product template
  • Predefined button designs are available to make it easier for you to integrate the button
  • Design that you can customize yourself directly in the module without technical knowledge
  • Button text can be customized as needed
  • List of customizable form fields
    • Email
    • Full name
    • Name
    • First name
    • Company
    • Address
    • Postal code
    • City
    • Telephone number
    • Mobile number
    • Fax
    • URL
    • Message (minimum number of characters that can be customized)
    • Attached file
  • Customizable form title
  • Customizable form introduction text
  • Customizable thank you message


3.1.1 - 04/28/2021

  • Correction of multiple message sending
  • Improvement of the anti Spam

3.1.0 - 02/24/2021

  • Correction of the file sending in the form
  • Correction of security error 2
  • Add mathematical captcha option

3.0.1 - 01/26/2021

  • Improved module cache management

3.0.0 - 01/24/2021

  • Redesign of the fancybox code
  • Removal of the option to force Fancybox
  • Addition of the RGPD consent
  • Added an option to show or hide the image of the product in the form
  • Adding a character counter on the message if a limit is configured in the module
  • Disable the request button after the form has been sent
  • Added a thank you message on the button when it is disabled after the email is sent
  • Added option to customize the dimensions of the form display window

2.5.0 - 12/11/2020

  • Update fancybox script
  • Added the option to disable the use of Fancybox if the site already uses it
  • Addition of the option to attach the product image in the email
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the recording of the module configuration.
  • Responsive form window
  • Added an option on the width of the button
  • Improvement of the form code
  • Addition of the quantity produced in the choice of options of the form

2.4.1 - 04/16/2020

  • Fixed a bug with the option to send the copy to the client for PrestaShop versions higher than

2.4.0 - 04/15/2020

  • Added configuration option to make a field required or not in the contact form
  • Fixed bug sending form when cache is activated
  • Correction of a bug in the translation of some sentences

2.3.0 - 03/26/2020

  • Adding new form fields
  • Added explanations on how to use the module to help users
  • Fixed a display defect for some templates on PrestaShop 1.7
  • Correction of the display of the customization of the texts of the form on PrestaShop 1.7

2.2.0 - 03/17/2020

  • Added the option to auto-fill customer data when the customer is connected
  • Adding the mobile phone number option
  • Real-time preview of button design configuration

2.1.0 - 11/26/2019

  • Added the option to restrict the display of the request button to connected clients only
  • Adding the company field
  • Added customization of the sending confirmation message
  • Reorganization of options for greater consistency and ease of use

2.0.0 - 10/03/2019

  • Complete redesign of the module
    • Changing and simplifying the design of the form call button
    • Added restrictions to display the form call button so that it can only be displayed on certain products.
    • Complete redesign of the form fields allowing further customization of the form


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Dynamic contact form on product page