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This specialized PrestaShop module lets you present your product characteristics in a visually appealing way, enabling your customers to make informed purchasing decisions. By presenting product features in image form, you can effectively communicate the unique selling points of your offerings, enhancing your customers' overall shopping experience.

Data sheet

Core modifications (override)No
Third party subscription:No
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Compatible Prestashop 1.6Yes
Compatible Prestashop 1.7Yes
Compatible PrestaShop 8.0Yes
Compatible thirtybees 1.1Yes
Compatible thirtybees 1.2Yes
Compatible thirtybees 1.3Yes
Compatible thirtybees 1.4Yes
Responsive DesignYes
Multi Shop compatible:Yes
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Last Update

06/27/2023: Version 2.6.0


This modules is compatible with all PrestaShop 1.6.x version This modules is compatible with all PrestaShop 1.7.x version This modules is compatible with all PrestaShop 8.0.x version

thirtybees Compatibility

This modules is compatible with all thirtybees 1.1.x version This modules is compatible with all thirtybees 1.2.x version This modules is compatible with all thirtybees 1.3.x version This modules is compatible with all thirtybees 1.4.x version

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Clients benefits

  • Better understanding of products
  • your products accessible information
  • purchase facility


  • Associate an image (icon) by characteristic value and language
  • Link your images to a CMS page to open in a new window or in a modal window.
  • Choosing a location grip (hook) for displaying images
  • Ability to display a title or not above images
  • Ability to display the value of the feature in the image
  • Using PrestaShop cache to increase display performance and does not slow down the rendering of your pages


2.6.0 - 06/27/2023

  • Added option to associate an external or internal URL with a feature image rather than a classic CMS page
  • Add option to remove image links from category product listings
  • Improved compatibility with PHP 8
  • Fixed modal window opening of links on images
  • Added explanations on how to use this module

2.5.0 - 02/25/2023

  • Added the option to display images on products in the category listing
  • Update to version 1.13.2 of the data tables script
  • Change in tooltip management for better performance
  • Added compatibility with PrestaShop 8
  • Add the dimensions of the displayed image in the source code

2.4.0 - 04/14/2021

  • Added option to add a global image and link per feature
  • Redesign of the tables with new display options:
    • Search function
    • Automatic pagination
    • Limiting the number of values per page
    • Choice of classification for each column
  • Add value type (custom or predefined)

2.3.0 - 04/02/2021

  • Modification of the modal window management
  • Source code optimization
  • Redesign of the module management space
  • Added feature cleaning option

2.2.0 - 10/07/2020

  • Fixed a coding error when installing the module on PrestaShop 1.7

2.1.0 - 03/11/2020

  • Correction of a JavaScript bug that could block the functioning of the product page
  • Improved cache management
  • Consistency of the Hooks available on the different versions of PrestaShop
  • Clean up some junk files

2.0.0 - 03/19/2019

  • Ability to upload images in SVG format
  • Added display of characteristics by Tooltip on images
  • Possibility to set up images for languages that are not yet active
  • Added customization of the number of images per line according to the display dimensions as defined by Bootstrap

1.5.0 - 05/25/2018

  • Adding resizing of loaded images
  • Better integration for PrestaShop 1.7
  • Added an option to load an image for all languages at one time
  • Update some JavaScript
  • Added custom hook to put pictures anywhere on product page

1.4.0 - 11/03/2017

  • Bug correction on product zoom
  • Better integration of pictures in backoffice

1.3.1 - 06/19/2017

  • Add languages IT-ES-DE
  • Hooks corrections for PrestaShop 1.7
  • New modal window on links
  • Frontoffice display corrections

1.2.0 - 09/16/2016

  • Added feature that allows to associate a CMS page with images of a value of a characteristic
  • Allows to choose if this information opens in a new window or in the form of modal window without leaving the page product (like the zoom of the product images)

1.1.0 - 03/11/2016

  • Add custom features images association

1.0.0 - 02/23/2016

  • Initial version


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Associate images with the characteristics PrestaShop