Simple declaration of your quarterly intra-community VAT


Simplify your work with this module to make your quarterly declarations of intra-community VAT mandatory since July 1, 2021 and the obligation to invoice the VAT of the recipient country of orders.

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10/16/2023: Version 1.4.0


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From July 1ᵉʳ 2021, you must apply the VAT of the destination country to your products over the annual €10,000.

This is a technically complex solution to set up, especially if you sell internationally on several platforms.

That's why I advise all retailers to apply this management of VAT in the country of destination as soon as the first euro is received, and to simply make a quarterly declaration. That way, you'll have no chance of forgetting the €10,000 threshold, and you'll get into the habit of simply programming the reminder in your diary on the first day of the month of each quarter.

It's at the moment of this quarterly declaration that this module comes into play, greatly simplifying this declaration for you, since by simply choosing the start and end dates of the period, and the status of valid orders to be exported (to be done only once, or at the time of any change in their configuration), you'll instantly obtain the amounts to be declared for each country concerned.

A list by currency and by country will be presented with the total amount associated with each Tax and the precise amount to be declared.

If you wish, you can also display this information for your store's country of origin, to control data or for any other purpose.

The module will also display a complete list of all orders taken, helping you to check the taxes applied to each order quickly and, if you wish, with a simple click you can access the order details presented on PrestaShop.


Simplified configuration :

  • Period definition (start and end dates)
  • Choice of control statuses to be taken into account (the module selects the correct statuses on installation)
  • Force display of taxes for the store's country of origin (an option some may find necessary)

Adapted results :

  • A table will be presented for each currency to be declared if your store accepts orders in several currencies.
  • The table lists all the countries for which you will have to file a VAT return.
  • For each country, you will find a list of all the taxes concerned
  • Base amount for tax calculation
  • VAT rate applied
  • VAT amount to declare

Precise results for control :

  • A second table shows the complete list of all commands affected by the configuration defined at the outset.
  • Display one line per command
  • One-click access to order details
  • Breakdown of amounts by tax rate

Data export :

Each result table can be exported in CSV or Excel format, or simply copied and pasted into any spreadsheet or document.


To save time every quarter when making your declarations, simply go to the module configuration page and, in the quick access menu at the top of your backoffice, click on the Add this page to quick access entry.

So, next quarter, head to your quick access menu to select the menu and complete your declaration even faster.


1.4.0 - 10/05/2023

  • Automatic definition of the quarter preceding today's date to facilitate declarations
  • Improved compatibility with PHP 8
  • Updated all libraries versions

1.3.0 - 02/22/2023

  • Added an option to export result tables as CSV or Excel files
  • Added an option to display the amounts without any formatting and facilitate processing when exporting to a spreadsheet
  • Changes in the processing of translations of certain elements
  • Improved presentation of order status to facilitate the selection of those to be exported
  • Added Logs and an error message if some orders do not have tax information when they should

1.2.1 - 02/06/2023

  • Correction of VAT treatment on shipping costs

1.2.0 - 08/26/2022

  • Improvement of some texts to facilitate the use of the module
  • Added a control on the dates to avoid reversing the start and end date of the period

1.1.0 - 08/23/2022

  • Merging of tax lines for countries that do not have the State of Activation option
  • Correction of a calculation bug on the total taxes to declare
  • Addition of the country of each order in the listing of the orders connected by the period

1.0.0 - 08/19/2022

  • Initial commit


Makes reporting so much easier and quicker
Great tool, simple to use, excellent support. Thanks!

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Simple declaration of your quarterly intra-community VAT