Module TNT Express solution to track your PrestaShop parcels


This module for PrestaShop will seem essential so it will save you time managing your packages.

If you use the TNT Express carrier for your deliveries, this module will allow you to automatically track your package (via a cron job) and change the status of your orders when the package will be deposited in Point Relay or received by the buyer.

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Core modifications (override)No
Third party subscription:No
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Compatible Prestashop 1.6Yes
Compatible Prestashop 1.7Yes
Compatible PrestaShop 8.0Yes
Compatible thirtybees 1.1Yes
Compatible thirtybees 1.2Yes
Compatible thirtybees 1.3Yes
Compatible thirtybees 1.4Yes
PhenixSuite compatibleYes
Multi Shop compatible:Yes

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Last Update

08/21/2023: Version 1.5.0


This modules is compatible with all PrestaShop 1.6.x version This modules is compatible with all PrestaShop 1.7.x version This modules is compatible with all PrestaShop 8.0.x version

thirtybees Compatibility

This modules is compatible with all thirtybees 1.1.x version This modules is compatible with all thirtybees 1.2.x version This modules is compatible with all thirtybees 1.3.x version This modules is compatible with all thirtybees 1.4.x version

PhenixSuite Compatibility

This modules is compatible with all PhenixSuite version

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  • Choose the status of orders to be processed for the package tracking
  • Choose the precise status for filing relay points
  • Choose the precise status of the parcel, ie directly to the home or when the customer has removed the parcel relay point.

Advantages for merchants

This module will help you track your parcel TNT Express carrier and save you the time to focus more on customer satisfaction.

You will be able to identify parcels that are pending for several days in relay point, and thus take touch with your customers.

Benefits for your customers

If you set a specific status for deposition relay point you can, as permitted configuring PrestaShop, set up a send email directly to your customers in order to prevent the implementation of pending their command.


1.5.0 - 08/21/2023

  • Compatibility with PrestaShop 8.1
  • Compatibility with PHP 8.1

1.4.0 - 10/14/2022

  • Removal of the compatibility of the module with the version 1.5 of PrestaShop
  • Complete redesign of the configuration space
  • Update of external libraries
  • Improved security and performance of the script
  • Update of the cron job
  • Addition of the date of the last launched package tracking

1.3.0 - 08/23/2018

  • Added compatibility with PrestaShop 1.7
  • Add PrestaTrust

1.2.0 - 03/11/2016

  • Improved code to account for the least efficient server
  • Improved code for the summary of orders processed is complete.

1.1.0 - 03/05/2016

  • Fixed the code to account documentation supplied defects
  • Adding a package tracking processing time control to avoid overloading the server
  • Free access to the track without myTNT account package
  • Adding the specific status too old package, not existing for monitoring or when the package is not registered with TNT carrier and for manually controlling these packages if desired
  • Adding the conservation option of shipping information directly on the control
  • Ability to repatriate images for proof of delivery to keep them on their server

1.0.0 - 03/02/2016

  • Initial version