Credit card paymentCredit card, an essential option for developing your business

The contract

The first thing to do is to sign up a contract with an online payment gateway. Charges may differ depending on the country, but this service can be very expensive, up to $300 to open, and charges a monthly subscription between $15 and $50, as well as a commission of your future payments with a base amount plus a percentage of every transaction.

Select your E-commerce Payment Solution

The easiest payment solution is to choose the service associated with your bank, but for some reason or another, you may need to turn to an alternative system, such as Ogone or Paybox. This choice is entirely commercial and will not change anything about your store.

Choose the Right Module

Whatever system you may choose, you will need a technical solution to accompany it. This solution will be placed in your shop as a module, which will allow you to create and maintain relations between customers, orders, and payments.

The most common one is France Atos, which is used under different names by numerous banks such as BNP Paribas, Societe Generale, HSBC, Credit Lyonnais, Banque Postale, or Credit Agricole. Some banks have their own system, like the Banque Populaire and Caisse d’Epargne, or CM-CIC. Once you have identified your technical solution, you can choose the appropriate module on Prestatoolbox. If it does not yet exist, feel free to ask us for it by using the contact form.

Module Features

When all steps are completed, you will just have to link your store to the online payment system. Here, the modules become important.

  • On the page that lets you choose the payment method, the module will add a link that will redirect it to the associated service. A lot of data is communicated to the payment server regarding the client and on the order, and often this data is encrypted or signed.
  • Once payment is made, the payment server directly contacts the module on your store to indicate the results of the payment. It is also saved in your store, and the shopping cart is converted into an order. When the customer returns to your shop, his or her shopping cart will disappear and his or her order will instead appear.

Please note that our payment modules are only gateways between your shop and the payment service you choose. Purchasing the module does not exempt you from subscribing to a payment service; both steps are absolutely necessary.

3D Secure

3D Secure is an independent group, often associated with your Distance Selling contract, which performs additional checks on transactions by asking for the credit card user’s personal information.

This step makes no impact on the choice of module. Please contact your bank advisor for more information.

Payment in Installments

If you wish, you can negotiate with you bank to allow installed payments without charges on your shop. Aside from receiving permission from your bank advisor, you need to also ensure that this payment method is compatible with the module. Please note that this feature is sometimes offered in a separate module. If this is the case, you will need to buy two modules if you want to use the two methods of payment.

Installation Prerequisites

Some modules require libraries or special permissions from your web host. These prerequisites are indicated on each product page, but it’s up to you to double-check their compatibility with your web host before purchasing them.

Installation by our Team

Each module requires different information to allow an installation, but in general we would need the following information in order to complete the installation:

  • FTP access to your shop and its URL
  • Your IDs and certificates provided by the payment service

Using the Same Module in Several Shops

There are some constraints to using a single payment account for several shops:

  • Banks may not offer this option, because the payment validation addresses must be configured on the payment service’s management interface. It is impossible to configure multiples sites simultaneously. Contact your bank advisor to explain your project before planning anything.
  • Our modules’ licenses are only valid for a single store. If you want to use the module for several stores, you need to buy several licenses.